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SMS Synchronization

1 min read

I was recently wondering how I could sync my SMS with my computer, my server, multiple devices. I tried to find an open source app that would to the trick and well, I found half ot it!

SMSSync is an android app that syncs your messages using simple HTTP requests, i.e. each time you receive a message, it contacts a server with the content of the message, the sender, … The only issue is that no server is proposed. At the very end of the developer section, you can find a startpoint of a server, that you still have to install and is nowhere near a solution for lambda users.

So I developed my own one, using django as framework. For now, it allows the SMS Sync application to sync all SMS, stores it in a SQLite database and can manage multiple users/multiple phones.

I still need to change the administration (right now, every one can modify everything, which is not very good …). Feel free to send me feebacks, even though no one will ever read this.

You can find the sources on my git,